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Set The Bar High


Nemo is a 2015 AQHA stallion, standing 15.1hh with good bone, conformation and an exceptional mind. He was broke to ride as a younger stallion, but was never shown as he was having a hard time staying focused on his riding job and we did not want to geld him. Nemo has sired foals that are doing everything from youth horses, ranch work, cutting, reining, roping, and also being very competitive barrel and pole horses in not only high school rodeo, but all circuits. 

Nemo is NN for PSSM1, GBED, HYPP (no Impressive lines), and MH. He is a carrier of Herda, so will not be bred to any Herda carrier mares. Herda is recessive and one copy of the gene does not affect the horse in any way. (Smart Little Lena was a Herda carrier as well)

                                                                                                       Smart Little Lena

                                                                         Classy Little Lena

                                                                                                       Sugs Gay Lady

                                       Classy N Dry Peppy

                                                                                                       Peppy San Badger

                                                                         Little Dry Holly

                                                                                                       Dry Docs Holly

          Set The Bar High

                                                                                                       Dry Doc 17

                                                                         Dry Docs Babe

                                                                                                       Dandy Jodelle

                                      Bar S Misty

                                                                                                       Poco Blackburn

                                                                         Parkys Mindy

                                                                                                       Parkys Cleo

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