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TwistN Darley


Darley was in reining training but was pulled due to the trainer having some questionable practices. We are very happy to have a mare of this caliber here. Darley stands about 14.3hh and is well built. She produces foals that are generally a bit larger than her and have been fantastic cow horses and have been sold to Alaska, Florida, and throughout Canada. A 3/4 sibling to Darley is the dam of the PRCA Tie Down Horse of the Year for 2 years in a row. 

Darley is a Herda Carrier but is NN for Gbed, PSSM1, MH & HYPP

By what she has produced she is Ee Aa.

We have kept two of Darley's fillies for ourselves and are looking forward to them as well as her continued influence on our program.

Darley is currently bred to Bright Nite Shiner for 2023

                                                                                                       Doc Bar

                                                                         Doc O'Lena

                                                                                                       Poco Lena

                                       Paddys Blue Twist

                                                                                                       Peppy San Badger

                                                                         Peppymint Twist

                                                                                                       Freckles Twist

          TwistN Darley

                                                                                                       Peppy San Badger

                                                                         El Peppys Hurt


                                      Peppys Darley

                                                                                                       Peppy Bar San

                                                                         Mex Pep Darley

                                                                                                       Mexicali Misty

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