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AKA Smidge Of Sugar


AKA Smidge Of Sugar is a 2022 sorrel blanket filly. Smidge is smart, easy to work with, forgiving and is youth/amateur friendly. She is well built with a pretty head, good bone and foot. Smidge should mature about 14.3 and will be athletic enough to do a full day's work, chase a cow or even a can.

This filly is well bred. Both of her parents are broke to ride and have been used on a working ranch.

Smidge was born with this unique pattern and it so far has not changed, even with her foal shed. I cannot tell you if she will retain this pattern throughout her life or not.

Smidge is ee aa LPlp and NO PATN1

She is a gbed carrier, which does not affect her as an individual but she should not be bred to another carrier. Many champions like Hollywood Jac 86 were gbed carriers.

We are asking $3500 for Smidge at this time

                                                                                                       ANB Cant Stop Me

                                                                         Can't Stop Me

                                                                                                       Earthquake Kitty

                                       AKA Tri N Stop Me

                                                                                                       Snoopys Smoke Tari

                                                                         Ima Smokin Honey

                                                                                                       Hollywood Honey

          AKA Smidge Of Sugar

                                                                                                       Ima TopQuestDandy

                                                                         Boogie Quest

                                                                                                       Mighty Lace C

                                      AKA Victorian Lace

                                                                                                       The Stateman

                                                                         Sugar Bar Buzz

                                                                                                       Jackies Sugar

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