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AKA Ima Bright Design


AKA Ima Bright Design is a stunning smoky black, snowcap filly. She is well halterbroke, loads, ties, trims and vets. Pippa does have a large scar on the right side of her neck from a run in with a fence as a baby that has healed very well and will not hinder her movement at all. We expect Pippa to mature to around 15.1hh and will be well built and very versatile. Her dam was ridden before becoming a broodmare and was extremely catty. Her sire is being ridden by his new owners and they say he has been very easy to train.

Pippa is homozygous black, homozygous LP and carries one copy of cream.

EE aa CRn LPLP. 

She is also NN for PSSM1, Herda, HYPP and MH. She is a carrier of GBED which does not affect her as an individual but she should not be bred to another carrier. 

We are asking $5000+gst for Pippa at this time

                                                                                                       AKA Boogie Quest

                                                                         Quest For The Best

                                                                                                       Lil Bar Deck Ross

                                       Champagne Request

                                                                                                       Zip To The Moon

                                                                         Zips Design

                                                                                                       Impressive Design

          AKA Ima Bright Design

                                                                                                       Shiners Glo At Night

                                                                         Sportin A Shiner

                                                                                                       El Rey Jackie


                                                                                                       Snoopys Smoke Tari

                                                                         Ima Smokin Honey

                                                                                                       Hollywood Honey

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