Champagne Request

Otis came to us from Manitoba as a yearling (his sire was born here!) - skinny and behind in growth. We have him caught up now, and about where he should be. He is 15hh and still growing, both height wise and filling out. Otis is going to be a big, well made horse when he is mature. He is currently living with the other stallions and has great manners, and is very social. He is not aggressive in the slightest, barely even "studdy" and is very easy to handle. He was test bred with two mares for 2019 babies and we are expecting one foal - not bad considering he had almost no sex drive at all! We expect next year he will amp up a little bit and be more interested in the ladies. 
Otis has been round penned and has worn a saddle but has not been started or ridden. He is exceptionally smart, and will be easy to get going under saddle. 

We are offering this unique young colt for sale as he is going to be a little too big for the direction we are going. He will make someone an excellent stallion, or a super using gelding. 

Otis is 5 panel NN and has been colour tested Ee aa CHch LPLP

$3500 +gst OBO

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