Maddie is a LOT of firsts for us!

She is her sire's first foal, her dams first filly and our very first Champagne born here at the farm! She was also our only filly born in 2019. Add to that her great conformation, and super disposition and it's safe to say we will be keeping Maddie for a little while to see how she matures. 

Maddie is 5 panel & IMM NN. She is Ee aa CHch LPLP and PATN1n.

​(Classic Champagne Snowcap)

Boogie Quest

Quest For The Best

Lil Bar Deck Ross

Champagne Request

Zip To The Moon

Zips Design

Impressive Design


Docs Lil Pistol

Right Reeta

AKA Docs Big Win

The Statesman

Sugar Bar Buzz

Jackies Buzz