I don't have alot of good pictures of Keeta, because in most of them her feet are terrible. Keeta was starved, malnourished and wormy when we brought her home as a 2yr old. She was as small as our weanlings and had developed ringbone in her fronts. She is never lame, although without having a farrier here regularly her feet often get worse then they should. Studying up, and hope to rectify that for her here quickly and become our own farrier.

Keeta is a sweet mare, with a great build. She stands 14.3hh, but likely would have been taller if not stunted from her youth. 

Keeta produces smart and athletic foals that sell well and have been very successful. One of her colts is in BC and is a competitive team roping horse, while another is a 4H horse that is blowing everyone away with his willingness and intelligence. There is a filly that is a working ranch horse and the people came back for her full brother to use as a herd sire. 

Keeta was left open for 2020

Keeta San Freckles

Jewel's Leo Bars

Colonel Freckles

Christy Jay

Colonel Killian

Dick Killian

Killian Clabber

Clabbers Mate
Keeta San Freckles

Perry San

San Mint

Miss Minty

San Mints Keeta

King Eddie San

Kings Keeta

Stormy Keeta