Jack was our first foal born in 2019 and is Luna's first baby. To say we were surprised when he was born without spots is an understatement - but he is happy, healthy and has a presence about him that makes you take note even without spots. Jack was born friendly, and loves to spend time with people whether it is learning something or just hanging out getting attention.


Three of Jack's four grandparents are World Champion Cutting horses and Jack could easily follow in their hoofprints in the right hands. 

Jack is 5 panel and IMM NN and has been colour tested as Ee AA LPlp with no pattern genes. 

Jack is for sale!


Col J Jigger

Colonel Kandi Barr

Kandi Barr S

Better Than Kandi

Little Peppy Zan Man

Little Peppy Zana

Sir Plaudit Missy

Gay Bars Jess

Gay Bars Silver

Silver Roxie

Silver Moon Eclipse

Kreiders Bright Star

Stormin Lady Eclipse

Docs Prescription