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Double Frosted Doc

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Frost is a 2006 AQHA registered stallion. He is well built and a joy to have around. Frost is easy to handle and work with. He had initial training under saddle with noted reining trainer Lavern Schmidt who liked his mind and athletic abilities. Frost's first foals were born in 2009 and we couldn't have been happier. Frost's foals always sell quickly and their new owners have all been pleased. They exhibit great athletic ability and good solid minds, not to mention their flashy colors and awesome pedigrees. 
​ Frost has been color tested with the University of California Davis and Pet DNA Services and is E/e, At/At, Cr/Cr. So he is recessive black, homozygous seal brown and homozygous Cream. We also tested Frost for Dun & Champagne - just to be sure - and he is N/N for both those genes. There is no official name for Frost`s color yet, but I have been calling it "Double Cream Brownie". He is registered as a perlino as this is the closest choice to his true color that AQHA offers. All of Frost's offspring will receive a cream gene and at least one brown gene from him. He will never produce a smoky black, grullo or smoky cream foal. It is possible to get a true buckskin or perlino foal sired by Frost if the mare contributes an agouti ("A") gene.